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Nouth China Region(component)

Han Yawei


South China Region(component)

Ao Dingyin

North China Region(module) 

Zhu Qihong

South China Region(module)  

Bai Jian



  South China   

Liu Xia  (Component)

Tel:+86 13538204200

Zhang Shuo  (Component)

Tel:+86 13534211924

Zhang Jie  (Component)

Tel:+86 15914176191

Zhang Qi  (Module)

Tel:+86 13530731892

Zu Siqing(Module)

Tel:+86 18576613193



  Eastern China   

Shi Jing  (Component)

Tel: +86 15900406842  

Ji Donghui  (Component)

Tel: +86 15618828752

Qu Renbo  (Module)

Tel:+86 13020282336

Yang Lili (Component)

Tel: +86 15021570454


  North China   

Jin Liyuan  (Component)

Tel:+86 15210087597

Wu Bo  (Module)

Tel:+86 13810931430

Dou Zhihao  (Module)

Tel:+86 18602215210 


  West China   

Ao Dingyin  (Component)

Tel: +86 13602663945


  Tai Wan   

Angel Lee  (Component&Module)

Tel: +886 937819589  E-mail:



Wu Tong  (KGD)

Tel: +86 18991137495

Peng Jin  (Module B to C)

Tel: +86 13480630962  




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